"Dustups", the new EP from Body Surfer arrives October 15, 2021. Pre-order here.

Artwork by Susan Sakamoto

how can I praise you? with my idolatries all my profanities my strange little messes of song?how will I love you? with my old elegies loose (weed-soaked) rain-soaked memories my soft liquid heart?
let’s find a place to swim
how will I adore you? without my accolades semaphore serenades the deep, moated decades long gone?
less thought, perhaps more whim? (guitar solo)
how can I bear you? with dull complexity foresworn fidelity my smote Flattened pillars of song
F# / B / E / A / make tracks // sit back , let love begin F# / B / A/ E lets find a place to swim
words and music:christopher whitley
morning costs a little less today // dew is off on the waking // c’mon man I say we leave today // isn’t life for the makin’?
black fly’s song the harmonies decay // all around they’re falling // Islands off tonight let’s float away // love and bluster, the calling
and when living earth surrounds // dedicated love abounds
(guitar solo)
and the loving hands prowl round // accompaniment of quiet sounds
hold me lonely // separate my thoughts
help our wilder ways // got no more than days // feed us, sift, and pray // all that’s left will be profound c’mon man I say we leave today
words and music:christopher whitley
tell it true i’ll tell it true my heart goes out to all of youmy heart goes out to all of youonce a child always onemy life spins off and has some funmy heart goes on the rambling’ run
but i know it’s not of your concernthe hearthas a lot to learn
i will see the roses runand i won’t tell no anyoneno i won’t tell not anyone
so far alongmy heart speaks wrong
not the firstwon’t be the lastand i won’t be afraid to castno i won’t be afraid to castthe only stone there left unthrown
i am five and you are eightand i will be old and iratei will receive the latest craze
one more timeone more time
words and music:christopher whitley
more telling are the answersthan the feelings or the wordsless trouble for the birds
i’ll tell you when i’ve lost my mindmy breath gone short my heart a whineof forests gone to herdless trouble for the birds
our walls reflect the 90s lightof dance halls separate from the nightin visions soft but sureless trouble for the birds
i slip back into poison thoughtsand register no slightest hintof moments lost for wordsless trouble for the birds
a mask, a sense of doom erasedthat lingered on a loved one’s faceor have you not yet heard?the last call of the birds?
ooo ooo oooooo x3

words and music: christopher whitley

contact: bodyyysuuurfer@gmail.com

© 2022 Christopher Whitley